Bungee from Navajo Bridge

What a thrill, my very first bungee jump. It was actually a night jump from Navajo Bridge, 467 ft above the Colorado River. I can’t think of a better place to debut my inner jumper.

I had booked my jump in advance and was told to meet with the jumpmaster and 20 fellow adventurers on the bridge at 9pm. At that time it had already turned dark. Jumps were scheduled to start no later than 11pm, but were put on hold because of gusty winds. The waiting time wasn’t bad since we had music, full moon, and nice temperatures in the upper 80’s. Past midnight, jumpmaster Chris declared wind conditions to be tolerable, although it was still quite windy. I was jumper number five and at 1am it was my shot.

I got up on the railing for a countdown. Needless to say, I was super excited. My biggest concern was to hit the slack cord on my way down. We were told it could knock one out. Anyway, time for countdown, arms out, and into the dark. I’m not sure whether I looked like a clown or performed a proper jump style. The downward acceleration was really amazing, even though the free fall seemed to last forever. When the cord finally began to stretch, my mind switched from tenseness to joyfulness. After bouncing for a while, I ended up hanging head down only a couple of feet above the Colorado River. It was rather surreal; I’ll never forget the beautiful silence of the river as well as the vertical rock walls on both sides.

People on the bridge hauled me back up, and I stayed to watch the rest jump. At 4 in the morning, it was all over. Luckily I had to walk for just a few minutes to get back to my motel. I got 4 hours’ sleep before I went back to the bridge to shoot some photos, and then I took off to Grand Canyon for a 10 mile hike, but that’s another story.

Navajo Bridge Bungee Jumping

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