Got miles?

I’ve just realized that for the past 5 years I have road tripped a total of 20,722 miles, most of them with me in the driver’s seat. Yet, I’m not tired of driving. Hard to describe, but the feel of cruising the open road is just rejuvenating. The photo is from Highway 50 in Nevada, also known as The Loneliest Road in America.

/December 2014

First post – it’s time to plan

It’s about that time of the year I begin to plan my next adventure. I think 2015 will bring me much fun. I hope to get my hands on a Grand Canyon backcountry permit so I can hike down to the Colorado River and back up the next day. It’ll be my third visit to Grand Canyon, but first attempt to get to the bottom. I know that permits must be obtained well in advance, so that’s why I’ve started my planning now. There are also other permits I’d like to get my hands on. It would be awesome to get Mount Whitney and The Wave for the ultimate adventure.

[UPDATE MARCH 24, 2015] Got a permit to Mount Whitney

[UPDATE MARCH 4, 2015] Unfortunately no Grand Canyon backcountry permit

[UPDATE FEBRUARY 1, 2015] Got a permit to The Wave