Adventure time

I’m getting ready for my upcoming adventure trip. I got some cool hiking planned. Take a look.

  • Mount Charleston 11,916 ft (3.632 m)
  • Mount Langley 14,032 ft (4.277 m)
  • Mount Whitney 14,505 ft (4.421 m)

Mount Whitney is a joker as I’m not sure about the conditions at this time of the year. If it’s too snowy, then I’m screwed. We’ll see. I’m hoping to get a little altitude-fun. I got another awesome hike planned; The Wave on the Utah/Arizona border. It’s something I’ve been chasing for years. My camera will love me for it. I think it could become my photography-moment of all time. I’m also going to Death Valley, and for the first time it will be in a rented Jeep. Destination: Charles Mansons desert hideout, Barker Ranch.

/May 2015

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