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My name is Bjarne – made in Denmark. This travel blog is meant to be a personal reflection. In other words, it’s totally biased as I write from personal experience.

Hailing from a flat land, I’m excited about the USA with its richness of impressive natural scenery. I’m a road tripper, and my desire for adventure has taken me across the USA in nearly all directions. My passion for photography lies in capturing the details in nature and exploring the essence of urban life.

The name of this blog is inspired by the quote “getting there is half the fun”. The quote was actually a slogan for a North Atlantic cruise liner back in the 1950’s. To me, the saying is all about living in the moment.

When I’m not on the road or out on the hiking trails, then what? Well, I’m a marketing guy and a journalist with professional experience in journalism, PR and marketing communications. I know it sounds so LinkedIn‘ish, therefore, I consider myself as a life explorer rather than anything else.

My Q&A

What’s so great about the USA?
The size, the cultural and nationwide diversity, the endless opportunities, and the food. I had the joy of living in Southern California for 3 years back in the late 00’s. Now I’m located in Denmark, but I take every opportunity to roam the American roads and hike adventurous trails. This country will keep me busy for a long time.

It must be boring driving all those miles when road trippin’?
No, not at all. Driving is part of the adventure. Besides, if I have music and some ice cold soda in the cup holder, then I’m all set. Just for the record, I’m not just a road tripper. I do take fly-in-fly-out trips to major cities, but I favor the road trip style.

How do you spend time?
I hike. To me, there’s nothing better than a hike, and when I’m not hiking, then I’m probably out walking the streets of Main Street USA. I like to discover the charm of small towns. Big cities are okay, sure, but I think history and cultural aspects are found just as much in small towns as in big cities. What else, oh I’m also a foodie and a mountain biker. I recently made my first bungee jumps. Who knows what’s next.

I bet you take lots of photos?
Absolutely, I practically never go anywhere without a camera. I use whatever comes handy; mostly my DSLR. Sometimes I just snap a quick pic with my smartphone. I’m also a HERO, meaning I bring my GoPro’s whenever I feel for it.

Which other countries have you been to, if any?
I’ve been around in Europe: Scotland, England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Sweden. By time I’ll add more countries to the list.

15 Random Facts

Rattlesnakes. I get overly excited every time I see one.
Signs. I photograph signs, maybe too often.
Winding roads. Part of making road trippin’ adventurous.
Utah. I love surreal red rock scenery, so Utah must be my favorite state.
Photography. I don’t mind waiting for hours to get the right shot.
Abandoned houses. A photographer’s playground.
Classic diners. I crave burgers and shakes, just like everyone else.
Street art. Makes cities alive. I call it storytelling on walls.
Hiking. Can’t imagine a better way to spend a day.
Souvenirs. I buy crap stuff like mugs, magnets, and t-shirts.
Peaks. I want to stand atop every peak I come across.
Mountain lion. I know what to do if I encounter one in the wild.
Sodas. Mountain Dew tops my list. Dr Pepper comes in second.
Filming locations. I check imdb.com to see where movies have been filmed.
High temperatures. Love it. I really do.

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