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Freedom of the open road! That’s the essence of the great American road trip. I can’t imagine a better way to experience the USA than to let the car take me to places where I can unleash my wild side. The adventure begins in the driver’s seat. It’s pretty obvious that Americans have a love affair with their car. Cheap cars and low gas prices combined with such a great country of unique landscapes, I totally understand why Americans love to drive the open road.

The cross-country trip is the king of road trips. In 2010, as part of my move back to Denmark, I drove across the country from San Diego to New York. That trip convinced me to do a lot more road trippin’, which I did. When looking at my map, I realize that I’ve done most of my driving in the Southwest. In total, I’ve been to 34 states out of the 50. It only means that I have several trips to look forward to. Picking routes is fun because there are endless opportunities. My planning often begins with some attractions, states, or cities that I want to explore. Soon after, it’s time to buckle up and hit the open road.

My USA Road Trips



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